Thursday, August 8, 2013

Special Volunteer Projects

Tire Removal

Every once in a while, there are special projects that are identified by the park and tackled by volunteers. Normally, they take several days to complete with many helping hands.  The project may be simple, but the work is arduous and time consuming.
In 2011, undeterred by heat and dense mosquito populations, four volunteer events transported ten tons of tires out of the Chekika area. All of the tires were transported to Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Management facilities to be recycled.

Parking Lot Stoppers

Another successful, yet exhausting project was the removal of 100 parking lot stoppers at the beach front area by the Flamingo Amphitheater. Due to the help of fifteen local volunteers, the view from the amphitheater and walk-in campsites is not disrupted by cement objects, but instead remembered for its beautiful scenery.

EcoPond Fence demolition

In 2012, the removal of a dilapidated fence around Eco Pond was completed. The fence was a safety hazard to the public, and obstructed wildlife viewing, especially birds. Girl Scouts, Alternative Break volunteers, and Outward Bound students all helped out with this endeavor.
In late 2013, plans are on the way to remove structures and equipment weighing ~14 tons from the Shark Valley backcountry. These outdated research platforms were once part of the Flume project – detecting the levels of phosphorous in the water.  Will you be a volunteer to help out?
Onsite View

Arial View of Flume Station

If you would like to volunteer for a service day, please contact the VIP office at 305-242-7752, or visit the Downloads tab for an application or the Current Opportunities for more information.

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