Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Equals Movies

August is the height of the summer season of heat, bugs, and rain. Enjoy the indoors with short films developed by our Artist-in-Residence-in-Everglades Program. 
To watch a video of our March AIRIE Fellows' creating their exhibit, follow the link below.
"Drawn from the Everglades is an undulating, large scale installation of twisted and gnarled paper that engulfs the spaces and surrounds the viewer, an immersive three-dimensional drawing based on their impressions of the Everglades. Wade Kavanaugh's and Stephen Nguyen's practice focuses on the collaborative process itself, resulting in abstractions of the entangled mangrove roots, waving sawgrass, and muscular storm clouds of the Everglades waterscape.
To see two videos from the June 2012 AIRIE Fellow, Deanna Morse, follow the two links.
 "Skin" - Tree texture as a metaphor for the human experience. Tree textures from the Everglades and Michigan, intercut with aging human skin. The cracks, wrinkles, knots and scares are an archive of their history.
"Kindred" - Connecting with nature at the Everglades up close. Sounds and images from the National Park.

Or read a book from our soon-to-be AIRIE Fellow in November, Bill Maxwell, Maximum Insight. A Florida native, Bill is a columnist for the Tampa Bay Times.  

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