Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut, Volunteer Artist

Eyes Wide Shut, 2010

August brings Susan Silas, her artistic photograpy with dead birds may disgust, but for her, it’s a must. It started with her work, Helmbrechts walk 1998-2003, exploring issues related to the reception of the Holocaust by the second generation. In 1998, she retraced the steps of a 1945 death march, walking 225 miles in Ger­many and what is now the Czech Repub­lic.

Eyes Wide Shut, 2010

“From the non-monumental memorializing of female victims in the work Helmbrechts walk, realized through my physical presence in the landscape, my work moved into a more metaphorical realm with the series of images and video works in found birds; 2000 - the present; works which explore the decay of dead birds.”

Susan Silas is a dual American and Hungarian national, born in New York City. Her works are cited in Unwanted Beauty; Aesthetic Pleasure in Holocaust Representa­tion, Landscapes of Holocaust Postmemory, Exquisite Corpse, The New York Times, and many other notable publications.

Self-Portrait Sessions, 2010

Lastly, Susan Silas investigates the passage of time of the middle-aged female face and body in her series, self-portrait sessions, by the ongoing plaster casting of her face since the mid-’90’s.

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