Thursday, June 12, 2014

BioCorps Interns Capture Lizards, Count Fish and Survey Turtles in the Everglades

Two interns working in Everglades National Park (ENP) this year with support from the South Florida National Parks Trust (SFNPT) have been catching invasive lizards, counting fish and tracking sea turtles. The interns are considered volunteers, and work closely with many scientists in ENP.  The Volunteer Program, and ENP, are thankful for the support of the SFNPT.
Here's a report received May 14 from ENP Ranger Larry Perez about the two interns: "Marcella Cruz and Emma Hanslowe are both recent graduates in herpetology. They have spent the past four months working with the USGS Invasive Species Branch in Everglades National Park on a large-scale interdiction effort against the invasive Argentine tegu. And their contributions have been quite noteworthy: this has been a record season for tegu captures. As of last week 45 had been removed from the area! This week they are transitioning duties and will begin gathering creel (fish) survey data and conducting sea turtle surveys. Their assistance will allow the sea turtle work to proceed seven days a week through the summer. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work these two are doing and the quality of the contributions they're making to important programs in the park!"

Pictured: Marcella Cruz works with Bryan Falk of USGS to take blood samples from a captured Argentine tegu.

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