Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alexander the Great

Paul Alexander has been dutifully volunteering for over 6 years. He is reliable, punctual, and never been a minute late for his shift in the Visitor Center.  Volunteering three times a week at four hours each, Paul provides a most valuable resource, his time. His time to interact and engage with visitors, and his time to allow employees to catch up on collateral duties, office work, and prepare for special events.  Paul is a dependable individual and truly helps out the Interpretation Division, not to mention a wealth of knowledge for all his visitor interactions.
Mr. Alexander’s background is what bestselling books are made of.  A veteran of the Vietnam War, Paul returned home and purchased and managed a gas station.  He has also been a Chief Law Enforcement Officer, a commercial deep sea diver, and owned, operated, and guided a fishing lodge in Idaho.  Most recently, he has perhaps contacted a person from every country in the Visitor Center.
As of May, Paul has decided to tackle other pursuits on his bucket list and resigned as a volunteer.  He has volunteered over 3,000 hours, the equivalent to 1.5 full time employees! Paul is a polite, humorous man, and many of us owe our Visitor Center Everglades spiel to his perfected script.  We will miss you.

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