Thursday, August 7, 2014

“A” is for AIRIE, August, and Animator.

Karl Staven will join us this month from Philadelphia.

As an animator, I tend to look at time in a different fashion than many,” explains Staven. “Space and time are infinitely divisible or expandable with animation. Each second of screen time can take from 1 to 48 separate images to exist and seconds, minutes,

hours, days or more can elapse between the creation of one image to the next. Decades can be compressed into seconds and seconds can expand into hours.”

Staven intends to create a variety of animated photographic explorations of various environments available in Everglades National Park; possibilities include:

A. Photographing biological specimens to find patterns in shapes, colors and texture (for example, multiple pictures of many mangrove root patterns as they arc down into water or land can be lined up by size or shape to create an organic movement over time);

B. Exploring space from the level of a creature 6 inches high with the ability to have a small human embodying the point of view

C. A time lapse journey along major or minor trails with short visual explorations of interesting environments/fauna along the route

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