Thursday, May 1, 2014

The 'Elite' Everglades

For the month of May, we welcome Elite Kedan, an architect, educator and visual artist based in Miami. She explores how technology and production methods intersect with human behavior, public space, historical context and meaning.

Kedan explains, “AIRIE is a rare opportunity to take an idea and expand it, deepen it, and ventilate it in a unique environment - one whose wilderness of landscape might also inspire an artist to confront new and unknown territory in her own work.”

Recently, Kedan displayed and evaluated work in a show called Unbuilding, which described a process of unraveling and disruption that are central to making new things.

“I undertook a series of open-ended investigations with the goal of achieving a serious state of play,” says Kedan, “which explored instinctive making and challenged my own cognitive resistance to the process.”

Kedan’s goal at AIRIE would be to continue the line of investigation begun in Unbuilding towards more specific projects and techniques relating to the layered contexts encountered in the Everglades. “I would hope to conclude the residency with a compelling process that can be understood as a coherent body of work equal to the physical artifact(s) or outcome produced.”

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