Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Lichen Publication

Rick and Jean in the Dry Lab

by NPS volunteers Rick and Jean Seavey.

Volunteers Rick and Jean Seavey published a significant component of their ongoing Lichen Inventory Project in The Lichenologist. The paper, titled “New additions to the lichen genus Enterographa (Roccellaceae) from Everglades National Park including an updated world key,” describes four species that were previously unknown to science. These new species include E. bradleyana commemorating Audubon warden Guy Bradley and E. murrayana, named for Mrs. Murray, an early settler in the Florida Bay area and namesake of Murray Key. To date, the Lichen Inventory Project has resulted in documentation of more than 500 species of lichen within Everglades National Park, many of which were new to North America and ten that were previously undescribed.

Seavey, F. and J. Seavey. 2014. New additions to the lichen
     genus Enterographa (Roccellaceae) from Everglades
     National Park including and updated world key. The
     Lichenologist 46:(1)83-93.

For more information, contact Jimi Sadle at 305-242-7806 or
Rick and other volunteers preparing specimens for storage.
Rick and Jean Seavey, due to the magnitude of their work, received one the most prestigious awards for volunteers in the National Park Service. In 2010, the Seavey's received the George & Helen Hartzog Award for Most Outsanding Volunteers. They traveled to Washington, DC, and received the award from Helen Hartzog.  The late George Hartzog was a former National Park Service Director, and established the Volunteers-in-Parks Program in the National Park Service in 1970.

Rick Seavey is standing behind Helen Hartzog, Jean is accepting the award.

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