Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beauties and the Wilderness Beasts

The Everglades have attracted millions of people over the years.  Some folks come in search of exploration and taming the wilderness, others to discover its scenic beauty.  Unfortunately, others wanted to harvest the wild things in it through plume hunting, orchid removal, and liguus tree snail collecting. Today, the beauty of the Everglades has been preserved in Everglades National Park and now attracts beauties of another kind. 

Last year, two beauty queens not only visited the park, but decided to lend a hand through volunteer projects.  Carla Duque, Miss Homestead USA, volunteered three times last spring. Twice she was involved with rabbit trapping (blog post May 30, 2013 The Marsh Rabbit Project). Miss Duque was an energetic volunteer and asked in depth questions not only about trapping the rabbits, but what the researcher hopes to accomplish with the study.
Miss Duque also participated in Arbor Day (blog post June 20, 2013 Arbor Day in Everglades). Punctual and eager, Miss Duque diligently went to work trimming brush alongside an access road.  In total, Miss Duque volunteered over 15 hours to help researchers and maintenance in their duties to understand it’s wildlife, and keep it accessible to staff and visitors.

Read about the Queen of the Coast, Amanda Hatcher’s adventures in blog post June 27, 2013 Miss Queen of the Coast Volunteers.

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