Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sounds Turn Into Music, Volunteer Artist

Collectin urban sounds

September brings the sound of music; the buzz of a mosquito, the croak of a frog, and the masterpieces of Gustavo Matamoros. A Venezuelan composer, Matamoros has established his residence in Miami, since 1979. He has taught critical and creative listening at the Design and Architecture Senior High School and at the Miami International University of Art and Design.

“Sound is audible evidence of a living world in operation and early on I discovered in me an uncontrollable desire to establish a closer relationship with it, so that perhaps through it, I could better understand things.”
Gustavo Matamoros

In the past 20 years, he has largely focused on the making of sound art objects and stand-alone installations. “As a sound artist,” explains Matamoros “I build environmental sound installations which are intended to make audible otherwise inaudible aspects of the ecology and topographic features of a selected site.” His interest in nature comes from his interest in the nature of sound as evidence of a dynamic, ever-changing world.

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