Thursday, May 16, 2013

Everglades Art Project

Anita Dallar (center) with FIU students
Anita Dallar chose to participate in the Artist-in- Residence-in-Everglades (AIRIE) program because she has a deep appreciation for Florida's vanishing natural landscape and wildlife. Ms. Dallar returns to the AIRIE program  this month.

After spending a month living and working in the Everglades as a visual artist in 2010, Ms. Dallar wanted to share her experiences of this unique and fragile environment. She has created a dozen intaglio monotype and collage pieces and also developed the children's art workshop The Everglades Art ProjectThe Everglades Art Project uses the visual arts to help raise awareness about endangered animals and similar conservation issues.

“All of this creative work is based on my beliefs of respecting and coexisting with Florida's natural beauty,” explains Ms. Dallar.

Anita Dallar continues to collaborate with Florida public schools and Florida non-profit children’s organizations to teach art projects based on her experiences in Everglades National Park and as an AIRIE Fellow. Ms. Dallar is a resident of Crystal River, FL, and is a visual artist and Florida State Certified Art and ESE educator.

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